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A thirteen year-old girl in a futuristic setting after a year of rigorous cult programming and systematic abuse at the hands of a brutal paramilitary organization finds herself installed as a deity representing the embodiment of chemical and radiological warfare in a disease-ridden DMZ-type border area between the paramilitary organization with whom she enlisted and the gateway to areas of unknown nuclear-war devastated territories from which she came. In the sequel to the narrative that began with IRON GATES, this volume descends deeper into the cult of the commandant – its myriad conspiracies, layered agendas and internal practices – as well as a revealing of the hitherto secret origin points of the organization and the hideous despots at its helm. Contains extreme graphic content.

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Human Dross

“We will turn our hearts into steel, which we will temper in the fire of suffering and the blood of fighters for freedom. We will make our hearts cruel, hard, and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritsky, Zinovief and Volodarski, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeois – more blood, as much as possible.”

The Nazarene-Magian society has produced a surplus amount of human dross that is certainly true. Look around at the absolute cesspool the world has become. All higher values drowned in subhuman scum. “Aryan” individuals becoming more on a level of a nigger or lower than human. European nations being drowned in foreign elements.

And what do those individuals think of all? If anything the petite-burgeois are all too happy to see the extinction of their own kind (and perhaps such individuals if they are unwilling to fight back and behave in a manner befitting sudras deserve extinction). All to happy to promote degenerate values such as homosexuality, transsexualism and to suppress the natural masculine inclinations to war or even being a man via feminism.

This time there should be an all out encompassing genocide. A genocide that makes every genocide by even the harshest most intolerant totalitarian dictatorship look like child’s play. How much blood should be shed? An ocean of blood.

The planet is overburdened by dross. By subhumans. By degenerates. By absolute mannerless scum.

Those of us sick to our very core of seeing them evade the “long arms of the law”. Or even being aided and abetted by the White Lodge should take matters into our own hands. Death squads roaming the streets looking for fresh prey. The prey who would consider themselves “predators” but are more befitting the term “wigger”. Hung high from lamp posts as a sign to other members of their species of what is in store. Hung high from those lamp posts the obese single mothers who shat out their degenerate filthy infants. And even their children should be executed in a similarly Spartan-esqe manner.

It’s true many of us and myself included would like to see many of the Magian “elites” hung high. But let us start at the bottom and work our way up. Start with the subhumans in the projects. Work our way to the degenerate foul mouthed cocksucking petite bourgeois trust-fund kids. And then all the way up to the ladder. Until absolutely nothing remains, except our own law and our own rule.

Within our own ranks we should recruit only individuals who are as committed to seeing these goals achieved as we are. And we should indeed have our own “night of the long knives” for those amongst us who are playing a game. Being frauds. Being scammers. Being pretenders. So that it sends into the hearts of all involved a sense of fear.

That to retreat would be worse than to engage in atrocities in nomine Satanas.


A Dark Encounter

They had been watching for quite some time. How long had they been lurking beneath his perception? How long indeed had he await their return to begin with?

Their eyes he always remembered strongly. Black soulless eyes and their bulbous heads. Comparable to an insect or spider leering at you. Absolutely emotionless in the most extemely inhuman way. But still filled with an almost sociopathic predatory curiosity. They enjoyed games he believed.

They always seemed to be watching from afar even when he was alone. It felt as if whence the initial contact was made those years ago that it had never truly been broken. The same contact that had threatened his very sanity and resulted in a sort of black gnosis. That had kept his Sinister morale alive in a world full of Nazarene effeminacy.

He remembered that morning. Smoking a cigarette under dark blue clouds. It appeared like the firmament would crack open and unleash those same dark forces to roam freely on this earth. Making those Sinister prophecies a reality.

The knowledge imparted bordered on the absolute psychotic. The “elites” of this earth served the same masters. The world of matter being illusion. The truth about space and traversing both the physical and astral planes.

And through it all a clearly misanthropic plan. A truly genocidial hate campaign planned for the future. The total and all encompassing culling of this earth by those Dark Immortals. Whose mental state could only be described in human terms as on the same level as a serial killer or dictator. Whose whole operation was totalitarian in nature.

Beyond the mere realms of human perception. An illogical but nevertheless all to real Hell lurks close. Like a black radiation it emnantes and infects existence itself. Perhaps a self destruct mechanism for the entire cosmos. Who knows?

And how those who sing the sweet songs of praise to their false messiah. And long for the days of world peace and brotherhood among humanity will have their sweet sickening dreams shattered in face of the true nightmarish plot lingering on the horizon.

It just hasn’t blossomed quite yet. But it will and there will be pain and there will be suffering.